"I guess most people walking through the door are nervous; for me it was not just the usual 'what am I letting myself in for', but also that walking through any door is difficult - I have multiple disabilities which make moving and posing difficult and / or painful.

Aby and Keith were amazing! Patient when I was slow, understanding when I said I cannot do that, and full of alternative ways to do things. I was apprehensive about how it would go; well I did end up in tears, but of laughter. We even had to pause so my make-up did not get ruined...

I had little optimism before we started that I could be made to look good, and still look like me. I am now the proud owner of 20 images because I could not narrow it down further.

The natural make-up (another lovely lady), the constant laughter, and excellent photography, mean I have a selection of images which not only look glamourous, but also show that I was having a great time and reflect a sparkle in my eye I thought I was too old to find again.

You're not sure whether to go ahead? Neither was I. But you only live once and I wholeheartedly reccommend spoiling yourself with this team. I will treasure these pictures for a very long time, worth every penny."

- Sue S.

"A massive thank you to you both.

I was honestly ready to pick up the phone and cancel my shoot. I didn't want my lumps and bumps forever immortalised on camera. I didn't want to look at my pictures and wish I have lost a few pounds or see them as a constant reminder of the bits of me I don't like.

couldn't have been more wrong!

I'm so so pleased I plucked up the courage to do this! From the moment I walked in I was made to feel welcomed and put at east instantly. I felt like a princess getting my hair and make up done and during the shoot I was chatting and laughing with both Keith and Aby who were extremely professional and very helpful.

When I went back to view my picture there were nothing like I expected. I love them!!!

I don't see lumps and bumps, I see pictures I am proud of. Happy memories. If anyone is sat there thinking that they can't do it ..... do it!! You will honestly not regret it. Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience and amazing pictures!"

- Emma B.

"I was approaching my 30th birthday and decided that I'd love to look back on pictures that commemorated the time. I'm very body conscious, after having two children and not feeling I'm where I'd like to be figure-wise, so I was extremely nervous at the thought of doing a photoshoot!

The photos I had seen advertised were exactly what I wanted to do however, so I didn't want to miss the chance to try it. I spoke to Aby, the stylist, and she made me feel so comfortable.

We talked about how I felt and what I wanted to do, and I chose the 1950's pinup and also a 1940's "Femme Fatale" style - two looks I adore from those eras. I wish I could have been around then as the styles were so beautifully fascinating! Aby helped me with lots of advice and guidance on what to wear which was a relief as i didn't have an exact idea of what I was looking for. 

When i arrived for my photo-shoot i was warmly welcomed by Aby, Keith and Bebe (my hair and make-up artist). I felt like I'd known them for years! It was so much fun chatting with them whilst I was being pampered. I absolutely loved the make-up and hair session, Bebe worked with the shoot styles and also asked what I liked.

I started to feel more relaxed and excited as the time went on!!  Aby demonstrated the poses as we went along, and this was so easy to follow. I dont think I'd laughed so so much in ages! 

I went in for my viewing a week later, it was nice to sit and look through my photos on the big screen. I felt so in awe of what I saw, everything was a result of how comfy and happy I felt in their company, which was really quite special.

Aby, Keith and Bebe helped me to help myself. They helped me overcome how negatively I felt about myself and showed me how I truly look and feel. 

I picked up the photos 2/3 weeks later, beautifully presented in a black box with a lovely wooden memory stick.

Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for being your lovely selves. You brought out the best in me and now I'll always have that to look upon when I'm old and wrinkly.....

- Vicky R.

"I wanted to write and thank you, and tell you just how much I enjoyed my boudoir photoshoot and how pleased I was with the pictures!

The experience took me well and truly out of my comfort zone!  I consider myself to be a fairly confident person, but I don?t have great confidence in my body.

Even on the day of the shoot itself I toyed with the idea of cancelling.  I arrived in the studio after a sleepless night, not feeling and definitely not looking my best, worried that all the outfits I chose were going to be wrong?and yet ? I showed up! 

And as I walked through the door, I was instantly put at ease!

I loved what the stylist did with my hair and makeup. It was exactly how I wanted to look, but I don?t have the skills to ever do it myself.  I felt rather glamorous!

Aby and Keith were amazing and as a result of their reassurance, my confidence grew by the minute!  Aby demonstrated all the poses for me and was able to turn potentially awkward moments into something fun. 

I had an absolute blast!  I was also able to have my own input into what I liked and disliked and could even improvise!

Both Aby and Keith are such perfectionists.  Aby made sure that everything looked as it should and Keith?s use of lighting was pure magic!  I loved how he would stop every so often to show what he just shot.  I frankly couldn?t believe what I was seeing and how great the photos looked!

I left the studio feeling transformed ? beautiful, sensual and womanly!

Every girl needs such a self-esteem boost!  It should be a prescribed therapy!

I am very grateful to Keith for helping me choose the right pictures as a Christmas present for my partner. 

I?ve managed to keep the whole thing a secret and it was so worth it!  The expression on my partner?s face when he opened them on Christmas Eve was priceless.

Four of my favourite photos have been framed for him and surprise, surprise ? they were on our bedroom wall literally within minutes, even though other DIY tasks are normally put off for months! 

Now the pictures are the first thing I see when I wake up, which reminds me to feel good about myself every day.

Thank you once again!

- Isabela M.

"If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I would take most of my clothes off/all of them and sit myself in front of a camera, my incredulous answer would have been a resounding NO!  

I started to discuss the idea with two friends last year and we said we would do it together.  Well that never happened - they chickened out but I bizarrely felt it was something I needed to do for myself and went ahead on my own.

I am no exhibitionist and I certainly am not a size 10 or even 12 for that matter but I found the confidence and went for it.

Keith and Aby are lovely and really put me at ease from the start.

I was never under any doubt as to what was involved and everything was done extremely discreetly and tastefully.  If anything it was just a really fun experience with lots of laughter.

The make up artist was amazing and who knew I could look like that!  

Keith is a genius with the camera and lighting; nothing is fake or false and Aby is by your side all the way through.

My friends can't believe I did it as they know me but are amazed at how incredible the photos have come out (and I'm not particularly photogenic!).

I left feeling like a million dollars with photos I shall treasure for ever. Thanks, Aby and Keith."

- Angie D.

"I've struggled with body issues for most of my life being a larger lady and had never considered a boudoir shoot.

Right from the start Aby helped me with everything from styles of pictures I wanted what I was comfortable to expose or not and even helped with ideas for outfit choices .

I have to admit I began to get cold feet the week before but went through with and I can say it was one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had . Aby and Keith made me feel very at ease with whole experience - and the photos speak for themselves.

Many thanks! xxx"

- Tamara A.

"I had a wonderful experience with Aby and Kieth at their beautiful studio space. I wasn't sure what to expect, however Aby talked me through wardrobe ideas and was clear about what to expect on the day. The hair and make-up team was great, and I felt very pampered! The shoot itself was great fun, I went for a vintage shoot and a boudoir shoot with a bit more focus on boudoir. 

Keith and Aby make you feel so comfortable, which is super important - especially if you're doing something which takes you away from your usual comfort zone. They are professional and personable and know how to get the best out of their props and the space so you end up with some truly stunning photos. 

When I saw them I couldn't stop giggling, as I couldn't believe it was me I was looking at! I wanted these photos as a special gift for my partner to mark our anniversary and they went down a treat! I now have some beautiful photos which show me how sexy I can be! Talk about a confidence boost!"

- Rose R.

"The whole day ended up being so much fun and by the end of it I felt confident in my body!

By the end I didn't even care that I was only in underwear because they had made me feel so comfortable.

When I came back to see the photos I nearly cried because I have never seen myself look so beautiful! Every bit of direction that both Aby and Keith had given me during the shoot had paid off because the photos looked so beautiful.

I am happier than I could have imagined with the end result and I know I'll feel so proud to show people them! 

Thank you so much to both of you because the whole experience was absolutely incredible and I feel so proud and happy with the photos. I couldn't recommend it enough even if, like me, you were just doing it for a treat to yourself xx."

- Georgie B.

"I had a brilliant time with Moving Pictures,

I've never had my photos taken before (except at school!) so was a bit nervous but they really know how to put you at ease and make it fun!

I was really pleased with how the pictures turned out. If you feel like a confidence boost and a keep sake, this is definitely worth it!"

- Laura B.

"My time at moving pictures was amazing! I had a pre-consultation with Aby which really made me relax and feel at ease with going through something so personal.

I had a boudoir shoot to give to my husband to be as a wedding gift!

I had so much fun with them and they made me feel so relaxed and the pictures came out so amazing that it made me cry as I never thought I could ever look like I did, as never in my life have I ever had a picture that I liked of me! And now I have 14 that are all around my flat and exposed to the world to see how amazing I felt that day!" 

- Rosa S.

"This was the perfect way to start feeling myself again after becoming a mother.  It was great to be able to spend time planning and getting the right outfits and accessories/props to use on the day, and to get myself mani-peddied and generally scrubbed up ready. 

On the day I was made to feel like everyone had all the time in the world for me, that my opinion mattered and that Aby and Keith were enjoying it as much as me! The hardest part was weeding down all the photos as I wanted so many of them!

I kept my photos hidden for quite a time, only sharing with my husband and one friend, but at Christmas I made a gift tag from one of the photos. Nobody realised it was me- they all thought it was a photo from a vintage magazine, which says it all. Open mouths all round when I told them!

 Since then I have ditched my baggy clothes for pretty dresses, changed my hair and made time to put make up on when I go out. 

The reaction I've had from friends is great - rather than put myself on hold in case I'm ever a size 10 again, it's much more fun to enjoy my new shape now, frankly!

This gave me the kick to get back into being me and believe that it's ok to look like me. And my daughter will one day have a set of photos to cherish and show her how glam her mummy was!"

- Sara M.

"I was so nervous about the photo shoot I almost cancelled it, but I'm so glad I didn't. I had such an amazing time at Moving Pictures, loved every minute of it and didn't want to leave!!

As soon as I walked through the door I felt at ease, Amy created an amazing look with my hair and make up, trying new ways to how I normally do it.

Then the shoot began....nerves and my insecurities went straight out the window!!

I felt like a whole new person, Aby and Keith were great, talking me through poses and scenery. Never once did I feel self conscious or paranoid, I spent most of my time laughing and feeling great about myself which I never have.

I would recommend this to everyone, it truly is an amazing experience. I'm so proud of my photos and still can't believe how confident I look and felt in them. Thank you so much to the team at Moving Pictures x

- Natalie H.

"From the very first conversation I was reassured that everything would be fine, chatting with Aby about what style of shoot, what sort of things to wear, how I would like hair and make-up. I was made to feel like a friend rather than a client. 

On the big day I was so nervous telling myself to cancel, the pictures won't be that nice, I don't like my body, nobody want's to see my lumps and bumps...but I walked up those steps and knocked the door. I was welcomed by both Keith and Aby before being pampered with hair and make-up.

The shoot itself was so much fun to do, and we giggled quite a bit (Keith showing me what poses to do).

Going back a few weeks later to view the pictures all I can say is WOW!!! How to choose what pictures to keep was not an easy task.

Keith you are a magician, how you managed to turn me from a frumpy full time mum of 3 to the stunner that you captured on camera, I will never know.

 I can not thank you all enough for how you have made me feel, not only on the day of the photoshoot but all of the times that I can look at my stunning photographs and remember that the beautiful woman on them is me, for that I will always be truly thankful.

- Sam B.

"I wanted to formally thank you for the amazing pictures.

My health was so poor last year that I would never have thought that I could look or feel like a real person again, let alone feel confident enough to show people photos of myself. 

Thanks to you both, I can and have shown people those pictures.  I had another operation on Monday and used those images to make myself feel better, I cannot explain how fabulous you made me look.

 I have passed your name onto a few friends, and I would not have suggested it if I did not believe in you and your magnificent work.  So once again, THANK YOU!" 

- Michelle B.

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my photos. I was terrified about having the shoot done as it is so out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed and totally forgot I was in underwear! 

I would recommend you guys to anyone - after having  the shoot I was so pleased with myself,  you make it so easy and relaxed.  After not telling anyone I was having it done, I now can't wait to show people!" 

- Chris K.

"It was very out of character for me to do this as I've never been confident with my appearance.

I wanted to look and feel better so thought I'd throw myself in for a chance at doing this. I've never done anything like this before.

I was very nervous and apprehensive about going when the day arrived. Aby and Keith were brilliant made me feel at ease and it was actually really good fun.

I love the photos they took and so does my family and friends so I was really pleased.

I highly recommend giving this a go if you want a confidence boost and want to do something fab. Thanks again Aby and Keith you were great!"

- Zoe S.

"A massive thank you for the amazing photo shoot I had with you! 

I did the photo shoot as a wedding present for my (now) husband. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw the pictures. I don't think he ever thought I'd do anything like that. 

Everything, from the make up, hair and the photoshoot was just perfect. I was only nervous at the start and quickly become confident enough to try new things.

The whole experience has boost my confidence and made me love my body much more.

I would definitely recommend Aby and Keith, who make you feel so welcomed and relaxed throughout the whole experience.

I would gladly come back and do it all over again.

 All the best."

- Izabela D.

"Earlier this month I went for a shoot at Moving Pictures, and as a full time model myself I thought it would be an average day of shooting.

How wrong could I be!

The Moving Pictures team excel in their field, they gave me so much fantastic advice on posing and expression that I can now apply to every day work.

They knew just how to tweak my poses to show my figure at it's full potential and made me feel utterly at ease the whole time.

Keith is a genius behind the lens and knows how to make anyone look like Marilyn Monroe, and teamed with Aby's eye for colour and style they just make a fantastic pair!

After each shoot with the team I feel so relaxed and confident and feel my modelling has improved because of their guidance. If you haven't done a photoshoot with Moving Pictures, just do it, you will never look back and you will be staircasing those fingertips before you know it!

Thank you so much guys, can't wait to work with you again "

- Coco A.

"Many thanks for the magical opportunity to have fun with my love of vintage.

The shoot was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every moment. You both made me feel so at ease, relax, let myself surrender to the lens of the camera and be playful.

 I love my photos and the way you both captured my love of art, travel, music and writing with a personal touch.

You both make a wonderful partnership and your passion is evident in the work you do.

 Many thanks!"

- Carolyn S.

"I loved my photo shoot - it literally changed the way I see myself and I have new found inner confidence.

It started with Aby's pre-shoot consultation with me to go over all of the details to help me prepare - we had such a laugh by the end of our chat, I felt that Aby was a friend, she had put me at ease, answered all of my questions, and I was very excited.

For family and friends who know me and my life struggle with weight (having recently lost 9st) and my looming 50th birthday, they'd understand that having photos taken was not top of my bucket list.

On the day of the shoot, I was welcomed in to the studio by Bebe, my hair and make-up artist, who made me feel comfy straight away.

Somehow she worked her magic and literally blew me away.  Then it was time to get started! Aby was on hand to help with clothes, jewellery, awkward stockings, whatever....nothing was too much trouble.

Keith was fantastic, he completely put me ease and showed me everything on the back of the camera. From the first shot my confidence grew - I couldn't believe what I was seeing was actually me!

In truth, I was on such a high that the next couple of hours flew. I loved it. I felt amazing, totally invincible...I think every woman should experience a photo shoot once in their lives.

My photo viewing session was a very surreal and emotional day - it literally moved me to tears. Years of abuse, put downs and anxiety were wiped away when Keith showed me the slide show of my pictures on the big screen...I saw a confident, beautiful, happy woman and it was me.

It sounds corny but it was like a wave of emotion - I was seeing me for the first time, and i liked what i was seeing.

Before my shoot I had no photos of myself, now i have big canvasses up of my photos and I'm proud to have pictures for my family, friends and children to remember me by.

Moving Pictures are an incredible team of people who do an amazing job, I can't recommend them highly enough. Ladies, you don't need therapy or counselling or Weight Watchers, you need a session with Keith and Aby.. remember, the camera doesn't lie..."

- Wendy F.

" I had been thinking about doing a shoot for sometime, but never plucked up enough courage to go through with it.

After speaking to Aby for some time over the phone all of my initial worries were put behind me. I have been through a lot over the last few years and my confidence levels had dipped to say the least. Aby talked me through the whole process from start to finish and went to great lengths to ensure that nothing would be a surprise on the actual day of shoot.  

Upon arrival I met with Keith, Aby and Lucy and received a very warm welcome. Lucy is a fabulous make up artist and within minutes was able to determine the look that I was after. Then the shoot was ready to begin!  Aby helped all the way through by ensuring the images and poses were absolutely perfect, she really has an eye for detail. Keith and Aby will do everything that they can to ensure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Overall, the whole experience was fantastic, liberating and confidence building. It was also a lot of fun. I would recommend this experience to anyone. Aby, Keith and Lucy - thank you so much for this, I love the photos so much."

- Debbie T. 

"As a nervous but excited mess on my way to the photo shoot, I can honestly say that from the moment I walked into the studio I was made to feel welcome and at ease.

By the time I was made up and dressed up, I quite literally felt like a movie star and all the nervousness disappeared.

The end result being some absolutely amazing photos and a huge self esteem boost! So many thanks to Aby, Keith, Bebe and Luna for a truly incredible experience."

- Donna C.

"I had the most amazing time at my photo shoot! The team were so professional and thoughtful and the way we worked together really made me feel so relaxed and comfortable from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. I felt so in control the entire time.

I have done many photo shoots in the past on a professional basis but not since having my daughter, as I felt I did not have it in me anymore and could not look good in front of a camera. The really big difference with this one is the way that it made and continues to make me feel. When I look at my pictures, I get a great sense of self-respect. It has helped my confidence so much and I am so proud of what and who I am as a result.  What I got in addition to my images was an immense sense of pride and confidence, quite possibly the biggest I have ever had.  

This shoot really brought me out of my shell and I can guarantee that it will not be the last time that I use Moving Pictures as I?ll be booking in again!

The inner confidence you have given me together with the beautifully and tastefully taken and presented images have lifted me so much. Just what every girl needs. I love my images and cannot begin to recommend you  enough - Thank you again."

- Pippa D.

"This was my first ever boudoir session and the preparation and constant support you gave me was brilliant.  You were always so good at coming back either to e mails or phone calls and the way you talked me through the pre-shoot was extremely helpful, gave me plenty of ideas for props and outfits, and helped put my apprehension aside.

Now for the shoot, wow!  I was naturally nervous but you were quite right in saying the nerves disappear within a few minutes of the session starting.

The fact you show me the pictures as you take them, is a super idea.  I can't believe how good I felt.  When I left the studio, I felt truly exhilarated and it left me on a high for days.

 As for my husband seeing the prints, as you know I did it all as a surprise and he didn't suspect a thing.  When he opened the package on Christmas Day, the prints simply took his breath away.  You may remember, we had a selection of themes, the serious boudoir, the chaise longue, the wedding scene, husband's shirt and finally the football shirt.  He loved every single one of them, all for different reasons.  Both of us can't believe I got away with doing it in secret but boy was it worth it.  Every woman should have a session.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope to see you again as I would absolutely love to have another shoot done."

- Carrie H.

"Hi Aby and Keith - Thank you very much for the lovely photo shoot, one of the best birthday presents ever - to have fun and feel fabulous all on the same day, and also feel like a movie star model all rolled into one!

I'm glad I chose you guys instead of a normal photo shoot - every lady should have a go!"

- Helen P.

"I just wanted to say that I had such a good time at my photo session. You both made me feel so at ease and the pictures are fantastic and something I will treasure, and you never know I may be back again.

Thank you both again for making the day so special. Take care both of you."

- Cally A.

"During my time as a performer and producer, I have worked with many photographers and have had varying degrees of success. I am very happy to report that the team at Moving Pictures were amongst the most efficient and professional I've ever worked with.

From the booking procedure right through to the follow up and admin, Aby was on it at every stage, giving polite and accurate prompts when necessary. She was present at the shoot too and really added to the experience by assiting photographer Keith, attending to my costume and being generally very helpful and resourceful.

Keith was an excellent director and clearly a knowledgeable photographer guiding me through each scene perfectly, making suggestions and adapting to my requests. Aby and Keith make a great team!

The studio itself was fabulous with real character and very versatile with professional props and facililities - especially love the dressing boudoir!

Needless to say, the results are spectacular and I cannot wait to share the images on my marketing materials for www.dawnsvintagedo.com and www.rubyshoesevents.com"

- Dawn Gracie

"I just wanted to say a massive "THANK YOU" for my amazing experience at Moving Pictures Photography. Keith and Aby are STARS!!!

For those few hours I was made to feel glamorous, sexy, feminine, confident but most of all ME. Prior to the shoot I had a call from Aby.

We discussed outfits and poses, how I was feeling and what I wanted from the shoot. The shoot was PERFECT.

Every detail had been taken into consideration. I now have some amazing photo's that I will treasure and that is down to Keith and Aby.

I've already discussed another shoot with my partner and can't wait."

- Sam P.

"This is one of the best things I have ever done. a real confidence boost, and I love my pictures so much. Cant stop looking at them!"

- Amy C.


"First things first, I am not your size 8 model by any shape or size and always thought I would never have the courage do something like this.  3 years ago I was lucky to marry the best man I could ever wish for and after losing some weight decided that I wanted to do something special for him.

Once you speak to Aby any worries or concerns are soon put to one side.

I don?t wear make-up at all so wanted a very natural look and this was what was put to Erin but again you can go for what you want. It?s your shoot and you are listened to. I spoke to Aby a couple of times before the shoot, discussed what outfits I had chosen, what colour they were and whether I wanted any props, I had a very special leather jacket that I wanted to include. She talked through everything that would happen, answered any concerns and was always at the end of an email or phone if I needed to discuss anything or had more thoughts on what I wanted.

On the day of the shoot I had butterflies, a mixture of nerves and excitement but on arriving at the studio was soon put at my ease. Keith, Aby and Erin are great and you soon feel as though you are amongst friends.

Aby was on hand the whole time to demonstrate poses, adjust hair, help with clothing etc. This is very useful as its not easy to explain to someone how to sit or lay, some of the poses are not the most natural way to sit but believe me when you see the results you see why you do it. Keith happily shows you the poses on the back of the camera

The 3 hour session quickly passed unfortunately and I could quite happily have stayed there all day it was that enjoyable.

My hubby knew I?d been for a photoshoot but I hadn?t told him what type so we went together to see the results. His expression said it all!! One very happy husband, I was concerned whether I?d made the right decision using the jacket but shouldn?t have worried as it mad his day.

The worst part was choosing just a few, again you are put under no pressure but again Keith takes his time, you see the video of all the images with music, then the stills. Keith then asks you to rate the pictures and you slowly wheedle down to the best images you like.

Finally the best part collecting your chosen pics. My husband chose one as his screen saver and my father in law didn?t realise it was me, he thought it was a young Caroline Quentin, other people have told me I look 20 years younger. The shoot was a real confidence boost for me so if you?re umming and aarghing and think it?s not for you don?t hesitate, go for it, you?ll have a great time. It doesn?t matter what size or shape you are."

- Sarah W.

"Just a note to thank you both for the wonderful photographs and the whole Moving Pictures experience.  I had never envisaged doing anything like this before, and was a bit nervous at the prospect of it!  However, you both made me feel so welcome and relaxed, and the results of that are evident in my beautiful pictues.

The only downside of the experience was having to choose which images I was going to have! I have framed 6 images which work really well as a group and anyone coming to dinner at our house will have to admire them as they are now hanging in my dining room. The rest are in the lovely presentation box to look at from time to time when I am feeling old and ugly!"

- Tracy T.

Aby, stylist, woman with the know how, angel, is a bundle of ideas, enthusiasm, reassurance, good fun and kindness all rolled together. We spoke numerous times on the phone, throwing ideas and giggles together.

This lady knows her stuff and before you know it, planned, booked and sorted! Upon arrival at the studio, Keith, photographer, creator, magician, Aby's other half, came out to my car with an umbrella...now this is the Hollywood diva life style! 

While having my hair and make up done, I sat and stared at the props used in the photos..how I wished for that mirror in my bedroom and the chair and the chaise longue...also while being transformed from soggy, no make up, wonky ponytail thing into sex bomb I watched Keith and Aby set up for the first shoot.

So obvious they enjoy what they do, always professional (can't always be easy working with your other half), happy, thorough and conscious of the little things, 'is that straight', 'would this prop be better there'. Time for dress one! A gorgeous little changing room awaits with a show girl/burlesque theme.  Now I have done photo shoots where you got changed in front of everyone...this is heaven!

You don't feel rushed as it isn't easy getting changed with the perfect hair, make up and false nails..being quick isn't possible...especially if you keep drifting off into show girl world in that dressing room! 

Keith is great at telling you where to stand, how to stand etc with the very important tweaking from Aby. The odd fly away curl or skew whiff necklace can ruin a photo. Keith showed me some of the photos as he was taking them...who was that gorgeous creature I was looking at?  

I went to view my photos the following week, taking a friend with me. A life long friend who I knew would be honest about the photos. The photos were shown on a large screen with gorgeous old music playing in the background. I was totally blown away.  My friend actually said, ' I knew they would be good but they are amazing'. Keith captured me in those shots perfectly, the cheeky, the moody, the cute and the fun loving.

I really can't recommend Moving Pictures enough - lovely people and fantastic service." 

- Simone C.

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